Couple of new ModernLib projects to announce

Scot Kamins kamins at
Fri Jan 12 15:32:43 EST 2007


There are several new projects in the pipeline here at ModernLib  
World Headquarters. Here are details on two of them:

1) Some time ago somebody (I forget who - although I think it was  
either Peterson or Wolansky, they being the guys that give me the  
most work to do) asked for info about the people who wrote  
introductions to ML books. So I'm going to construct a table listing  
the names and contributions of all the writers of forewords and  
intros with links to bios (if I can find them). As soon as I develop  
a prototype for this table, I'll publish a link to it.

2) I've decided to expand the Book Notes (accessible by clicking the  
little blue "i" icon) that appear on some Author pages. Before, these  
notes would appear on random pages depending on whether there was  
something of interest to say about a particular title that wasn't to  
be found elsewhere on ModernLib nor in the Guide. This proved  
troublesome in that if you wanted info on a particular title you'd  
have to look in several places to get a complete picture. But from  
now on, you'll be able to find all the info about a particular title  
in one place. Henry Toledano has graciously granted me permission to  
include info from the Guide on ModernLib, so Book Notes will also  
include first edition points. Eventually there will be Book Notes for  
all titles. This will take quite a while for me to finish, of course  
-- there are many hundreds of titles to deal with! As I do them,  
notice will appear on the ModernLib Change Log page (http://

Here's a link to the general template I'm using:

Of course, entries will be individualized; items that don't apply  
won't be included.

And here's a link to the first applied template example:

NOTE: This is a member's only feature, but anybody can see the  

Your feedback is solicited on the template - am I missing anything?

Scot Kamins
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