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Sun Jan 7 15:14:39 EST 2007

Scott has very kindly given me immense help in publishing  illustrations and 
prices for my Modern Library Collection.  Many many thanks. You have done a 
wonderful job.

There will be no more photographs or specific prices appearing on this site 
for other books in the collection. Remaining are several hundred Regular Modern 
Library at prices between $8.00 and $12.00 contigent on condition, title and 
scarcity of dust jacket. In addition there are about 100 leatherette titles 
for sale---mostly firsts in near fine or better condition. Prices for these will 
be between $6.00 and $12.  ASK?
One proof of The MODERN LIBRARY PRICE GUIDE 1917-2000 is available for $150.
Check the following site for photographs and listings:

Please address all questions to Books etc at BooksetcSF at with the 
header of ML Collection

Books etc,
298 4th Avenue, $ 395
San Francisco, 
CA 94118-2468
Tel/Fax 415-387-7162
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