Toledano Sale Details Now Completely (Almost) At ModernLib

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Jan 4 13:34:43 EST 2007


Except for the Blumenthal and earlier Fujita regulars (1939 - 1968),  
all photos and price/condition listings for the sale of the Toledano  
collection are available at ModernLib:

(This page was originally slow to load because of the graphics: To  
solve this, I cut the byte sizes by a substantial margin, but the  
increase in the number of graphics had its own impact on loading  
speed. So it goes.)

Other material may be added as I receive it; check the link every few  
days to see if anything new is there.

Sections on display now include:

Fujita Tall Format Regulars (1969-1970)
Buckrams (regular)
Buckrams (giant)
Numbered Paperbacks
Misc. Ephemera
Pirated editions
Custom bindings

Some clarifications based on questions received:

* The Option To Buy auction is a sealed bid auction - you send your  
bid directly to Henry by Noon on January 20, and he'll notify the  
* Information about the auction may be posted on eBay, but no bids  
will be accepted there - they MUST be mailed directly to Henry.
* 2nd & 3rd place winners will have substantial portions of their  
bids applied as credits to purchases, and in certain cases refunds  
are possible.
* ModernLib is NOT an agent of this sale and provides advertising  
space for the sale as a courtesy to Henry (whom I consider to be a  
godfather of the hobby). It should be noted that Henry did offer  
* All questions about the sale should be sent directly to Henry at  
BooksetcSF at  all comments and observations about problems in  
the Web display should be sent to me.

Scot Kamins

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