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Almost all ML Paperback Classics have very recent introductions in them. They 
sometimes share the same intro that resides in the Hardback series that was 
revived in 1992 and continues on, but most PB Classics have even newer intros.  
I can create a list of intros and their authors. There are several hundred 
titles in the '90's Hardback' and 'Paperback Classics' series that I have 
processed into my content database. The list would have to be converted from 
Microsoft Access to Microsoft Excel in order to e-mail it.  Would you like it?

I would greatly enjoy receiving an Excel database of the ML Paperback series 
and Introductions within.  I think that is an excellent idea and that the 
current series is very collectible for a number of reasons.  If you are fortunate 
enough to have a local bookstore that stocks an entire case of them, their 
uniform appearance adds another reason, along with their price of $9.99 or so and 
the new introductions, collectible in their own right in several cases.  

Thanks for your attention.  I hope our ML group gives these current editions 
the respect and attention they deserve.  I for one was "ThisClose" to becoming 
a "former" ML collector until the current paperbacks renewed my interest.

Gordon R. McCoy
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