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Mon Feb 19 17:06:32 EST 2007

  This is for those of you more interested in the more recent Modern Library books.
  As I have indicated on other posts I have a content database for Modern Library 1917-Present.  I just picked up a copy of a Modern Library Paperback titled: Love: a Collection of Stories and Poems.  It was published in 1999.  I was going to process the contents into the database but I have hit a snag.  The book does not indicate who edited the book!  Does anyone have idea who (specifically) edited this volume?
  Unlike the BL/ML/Random House practice of listing some titles as Miscellneous, in my database every book is assigned to a primary author or editor.  This was not a problem for volumes from 1917-1985.  Everything there has editors listed and the lead editor has the title assigned to his/her name. (Which means Bennett Cerf actually has many titles assigned to him.)  There was ONE case from 1917-1970 where the book indicated nothing about an editor, since it was during Bennet's reign, I assigned it to him. 
  For this newer volume: Love, I would do the same. 
   If anyone knows either,
       a) the actual editor of this volume, or
       b) the general editor of the the little series: Love, Christmas Classics, Holloween Classics, or
       c) the Chief editor of ALL of Modern Library in 1999,
  or, if you might know HOW to find out the answers to any of these, let me know.

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