Two Blue Droll Stories

J B Krygier jbkrygier at
Tue Feb 13 15:12:46 EST 2007

Hi All,

I recently acquired a hard cover ML copy of Balzac's
"Droll Stories," with the chuckling monks, in a blue
dust jacket.  I already had a flex copy of this title
with the blue DJ.

At some time the 1940s, the jacket color was changed
to brown.

The flex copy is 1939, with 268 titles on the jacket.

The HC copy is 1943, with 291 titles on the jacket.

Here they are:

There is actually a minor difference between these
two jackets, besides the difference in size (see if
you can find it).

Question: when was this blue jacket introduced on
this title: was it before 1939?  Anyone have a
copy with less than 268 titles?  And when was it
replaced by the brown jacket?

If you have a blue jacketed HC with something other
than 291 titles on the jacket, let me know.

In a past posting to MODLIB someone claimed a brown
copy with 309 titles (1946).  Any earlier brown

John K.

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