Differences - 1940 Ulysses and 1961 Ulysses?

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I don't have any examples at hand but my impression is that the textual cleanup was significant. The original RH edition was set from the Shakespeare & Co. first edition published in Paris, and this had a lot of typos -- party because they were rushing to get it out in time for Joyce's birthday and partly because the French compositors didn't know English!


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>On Feb 11, 2007, at 5:14 PM, Gordon Neavill wrote:
>> The 1961 Ulysses is a new typesetting; in bibliographical terms  
>> this makes it a new edition. The jacket states: "For this new  
>> Modern Library edition, the text has been scrupulously corrected,  
>> the type has been completely reset and new plates have been made."
>> There were a number of typos and other errors in the original  
>> Random House plates that were used for earlier Giant printings. If  
>> you want a reading copy the 1961 edition (with 783 pages) is  
>> preferable to earlier printings with 767 pages.
>OK, thanks Barry. Then the answer is that there's no real difference  
>to the textual content beyond cleanup.
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