Differences - 1940 Ulysses and 1961 Ulysses?

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I see Ml is up to its old tricks.  I recently purchased a copy of Joyce Carol Oates A Garden of Earthly Delights.
Upon adding to my data base for my ML collection I noticed I already had a copy.  Upon further investigation, it was the same book with a different cover.  Marketing tricks like this are not koshur in my book.  One must always be on the lookout.  Of course, I realize a true ML collector would sacrifice to have both copies, but I really just like the quality of literature, and the variety, that ML offers.  So I exchanged the book for an item for one of my granchildren.  I wonder if they have done this with the Wonderland Quartet?
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On Feb 11, 2007, at 4:31 PM, John wrote: 
> Scott, 
> My copy of G52.2 dates to 1967. The copyright page includes > additional 
> copyright dates of 1942, 1946, and "New Edition, Corrected and > Reset, 1961". 
> In addition, my first edition has the latest copyright date of 1934 > and the 
> Fist Statement of 1940. The earlier book has 767 pages and the > later copy 
> has 783. I believe Henry's guide refers to a text change, as well. 
John, thanks for this info. The copyright must have changed for some reason. The Guide refers to a text change, but doesn't say what it was. I'm looking for what that text change is. 
Scot Kamins 
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