Pirated editions - scans?

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Sun Feb 11 11:04:59 EST 2007

FYI...The Feb 2007 edition of Firsts magazine has a very good 5-page article "On the Lookout for Chinese Pirates" by Charles Michaud.  There is a reference to the Hesse "Steppenwolf" pirate edition that was copied from the ML printing.  Piqued my curiosity about other ML pirates so I reviewed the ModLib Curio article and searched the archives at MLCollect.  Back in 2004 there was some discussion about adding additional details (characteristics, scan) to the ModLib site beyond just a list of seen pirates.  But I was unable to find any scans on ModLib, so apparently this never occurred.  

Any thoughts on adding this level of detail to ModLib in the future?  I'd like to see the scans in particular so I know what to look for when I'm perusing used bookstores.


Mark Suchanek
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