Why is ModernLib membership down?

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While I agree with the comments below, I think it only serves to discuss the aspects of current ML collectors and not illuminate the central issue of "why don't current subscribers renew?"
  I think we need to look more closely at the site and examine how the bloom has come off the rose.  
  In my past lives, I've been part of organizations which foundered, withered, atrophied, etc as the "cause" which brought them to existence in the first place no longer captivated the mass of members.   We are describing how that cause has changed -- I think what we should address is how to recapture the energy which was once there.
  Perhaps the Internet, itself, while allowing the ML site to work has also robbed it of sufficient immediacy to make it appear less than captivating.  Perhaps a more activist role, if added to current contents, would stimulate more interest; something like rationalizing the current market to support prices for value yet take advantage of offerings which are below "market" might be a stimulating exercise.  Or something else.
  While less than one year into this madness, I have gathered over 280 volumes, some of questionable long term value and some few of great delight.  And I'm having great fun.  I picked up a beautiful FMLEd Clausewitz for a small (but fair) price last week and am very pleased.  I'd love to have a crack at Rebecca's commons.  But I am not eager to stand up to Henry's collection.
  So I suggest more current and active interactions around the site.  To be sure, it would require effort to attain such. I'm willing ....
  What think, folks?
  Larry Turner
  20 Ants <archetype at 20ants.com> wrote:
  Rebecca, et al,

I think the basic issue derived from this whole discussion is that 
there's a diminishing quantity of "new" collectors. Existing 
collectors have the common MLs and thus are interested in getting the 
next tier of MLs. The number of folks who want the common MLs has 
dropped and similarly the number of modernlib.com members has dropped.

It's why 99% of books, antiques, etc. should never be offered as 
"investments." Whatever the item is it's subject to the ebb and flow 
of popular culture's attention span. It's why bound 19'th Century 
periodicals can't be given away, while just a couple of decades ago 
they were like gold. A formerly blue chip antique like a piece of 
English copper luster ware has gathered dust for the last decade. It's 
why Beenie Babies can now be used to fill low spots in your yard.

Best regards. -Michael Watson

Quoting rebecca salame :

> I;m not sure that I agree with tihs assessment. I am just a ML lover,
> not a REAL collector. That said, I still regularly buy ML books for a
> dollar apiece, or thereabouts. In fact, I periodically cull the herd by
> selling off my doubles. There is something happening though, I've
> noticed that lately I can't sell any of these beginner quality copies,
> not even at a dollar apiece!
> Only real collectors are buying, and they don't want the commons in
> used condition that I sell.
> Rebecca
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> All the aspects Joe mentions about older people collecting is probably true.
> But something else has happened : Some years ago many ML were visible on the
> shelves of the average store. You could pick a copy up for a few dollars.
> When you had forty or fifty you were hooked: you wanted the more
> difficult ones
> to find. Now few people can begin their collection without having to pay
> real money, so collecting never gets off the ground.
> Henry for Books etc.
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