Why is ModernLib membership down?

rebecca salame rebecca263 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 7 15:16:42 EST 2007

I;m not sure that I agree with tihs assessment. I am just a ML lover, not a 
REAL collector. That said, I still regularly buy ML books for a dollar 
apiece, or thereabouts. In fact, I periodically cull the herd by selling off 
my doubles. There is something happening though, I've noticed that lately I 
can't sell any of these beginner quality copies, not even at a dollar 
Only real collectors are buying, and they don't want the commons in used 
condition that I sell.

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From: HTatML at aol.com
All the aspects Joe mentions about older people collecting is probably  
But something else has happened : Some years ago many ML were visible on  
shelves of the average store. You could pick a copy up for a few dollars.
When you had forty or fifty you were hooked: you wanted the more difficult 
to find. Now few people can begin their collection  without having to  pay
real money, so collecting never gets off the ground.
Henry for Books etc.

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