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The Triumph of Death was published in 1923 in a first printing of 5,000 copies. There were additional B&L printings of 2,000 copies each in April 1924 and January 1925. Sales were brisk: 3354 copies in 1923 and 2284 copies in 1924.

My question is: Do any B&L copies NOT have the First Impression statement on the verso of the title page?

My copy (which I believe is a first printing) has binding 2 and is distinguished by the following end matter: 

(1) p. [413] pub. note "On the following pages ... a complete list of titles ... including those published during the Fall of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-one"

(2) pp. [414-415] statement about the ML with text beginning "FIVE years ago ..."

(3) pp. [416-420] 5-page ML list with DAUDET Sapho as the last title on the first page.

It is possible that copies of the first printing are also found in binding 3, since B&L normally didn't bind all copies of a given printing at once but bound copies as needed to fill orders.

When I examined Henry's collection some years ago, his copy of Triumph of Death had the following differences in the end matter: [413] pub. note referring to 1923; [414-415] text beginning "SIX years ago"; and [416-420] 5-page ML list with DAVIDSON, JOHN Poems as the last title on the first page.


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>Two items on Triumph of Death (112.1).
>(1) The guide indicates binding #3 is the first; however #2 bindings have been seen.  One is here:
>I believe John W. also has this title in a #2 binding.
>I have updated the Proposed Guide Updates page, at Amenities (under the Misc menu item), to indicate this change.
>(2) The guide provides the following indication for the ID_1St column: dFI.  This translates (using the key) to date First Impression.  Does anyone know what is supposed to be in that column, or what this means?
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