[ModLib] Looking for Binding Verification on a few Titles

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Fri Aug 31 11:20:54 EDT 2007

>   The 11's have octogonal torch-bearers blind-stamped on the cover.  Runyon cannot be described as a 14/11, it has a "ml" blind-stamped on the cover and must be treated as a 14/12.

The convention being used has been Front Cover(size)/spine.  Since 11 and 12 have the same spine, either can be used.  I have been going with the earliest occurance of the spine (thus 14/9 instead of 14/10; and 14/11 instead of 14/12).  Also note when we say "14/9", the front cover does not have a torchbearer in an oval.  Thus, either 14/11 or 14/12 can be used for this title.  Unless there is something unique about this spine that indicates it came from the 12?

This title has been indicated as appearing in a #12.  HOWEVER, that entry may have been based on an image showing a #12/13/14 front and the #11/12 spine.  Without the size info we can't be sure that this title appeared in a real #12 since there is a known variation.  Anyone have a Runyon in a real #12?


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