[ModLib] Looking for Binding Verification on a few Titles ATTN JK

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Thu Aug 30 22:48:57 EDT 2007

>   My Runyon is not normal.  But other than its extra height it's  a 12 (ml blind-stamped on cover, long-armed torch-bearer w/low flame streaming back.) nj

OK; thanks for confirming a 14/12 (or 14/11 if one prefers).

*Question for the community: Does anyone have a Treasury of Runyon in a #14 with a real #14 spine?  (By the way, we have this title confirmed with an ISBN on the dj.)

>   Do we know whether they had ANY tall bindings before the purposeful introduction of the taller 14's?  Can we tell the difference between a 14/12 and 12/14?

My theory has always been that these are transitional bindings, no different than a #10.  New front covers, but the spine (unique for each title) was stamped from existing material.  You will never find a first in a #10, 13/9, 14/9, or 14/12 binding.


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