[ModLib] 1st of Old Wives Tales is actually in #6 binding

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The #6 binding was used for the first printing of The Old Wives' Tale and the other eight ML titles published January-April 1931. I have first printings of all of these in the #6 binding. The #7 binding was first used on Gide's The Counterfeiters published in May 1931.

The binding is illustrated (as balloon cloth binding C) in my old article "The Modern Library Series: Format and Design" in  Printing History (v. 1, no. 1, 1979) with the dates 1930-1931. It was first used on The Philosophy of Plato (November 1930) and the two titles that followed in December 1930 (Rockwell Kent's Wilderness and Huysman's Against the Grain).

Huxley's Point Counter Point was the last title published in binding 5.


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>Darrell Johnson has reported that he has a first of Bennett's Old  
>Wives Tales (1931) in a #6 binding. Toledano lists the first as being  
>in a #7.
>1931 is late for a #6 -- does anyone have a firat of this title a #7  
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