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Ellison fans,
  Modern Library has the following titles in 90's hardback series on/by Ellision:
      qryAuthTitle Query      Author/Editor  Title  Title ID      Ellison, Ralph  Invisible Man  307    Ellison, Ralph  Living With Music: Ralph Ellison's Jazz Writings  308    Ellison, Ralph  The Collected Essays of Ralph Ellison  309    Ellison, Ralph  Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray  310  
  A couple may also be avialable now in Paper Back Classics series.
  I have these content processed into the database so if anyone wants to peruse the contents of any of them I can send a list in a snap.

Scot Kamins <kamins at modernlib.com> wrote:
  Ralph Ellison, the author of The Invisible Man (338.1), didn't 
publish a second novel in his lifetime. But he left literally 
thousands of pages of manuscript, notes, and plain scribblings of a 
second novel. Two college types -- including the guy who cobbled 
together "Juneteenth" -- have put the novel together for a Modern 
Library edition to be published next year. You can read the really 
fascinating article about Ellison, the struggle to assemble the 
pieces into a cogent whole, and the moving biography of one of the 
editors, here:


I recommend it.

Scot Kamins
"Unthinking Respect for Authority is the Greatest Enemy of Truth" - 
Albert Einstein

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