[ModLib] Re: Buckrams

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 19 12:43:19 EDT 2007

Well I've been reading the buckram thread with interest but did not think I
had anything to contribute. I looked through my MLs this morning and have
only three. One, however, does not appear to be on the list for sighted
giants. It is G-57, Selected Writings of Herman Melville. BG1 binding. (It
is ex-library from Colorado Mountain College. It has his complete short
stories starting with one of my favorites by Melville, Bartleby, and
features his first novel, Typee. Also Billy Budd.)

Btw my other two are: 253, The Egoist; 129, Great Spanish Stories.

206-491-0296 (work)
206-963-0499 (personal)

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