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That's the title, I have only seen the one copy, the copy I sold. However, this sort of thing is not surprising. I have a customer that collects Everyman's Library. He has all but three books in the large format series and one title he lacks is one of the most common in the series.


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  Are you referring to Waste Land and Other Writings?
  I have this and think I've seen other since I picked up the one I processed into the database.
      qryTOTAL CONTENT QUERY      Content Title  Content Author      0-679-64101-7  ISBN    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: T. S. Eliot  Editor/Publisher    How to Read"The Waste Land" So It Alters Your Soul Rather Than Just Addling Your Head  Karr, Mary    PRUFROCK AND OTHER OBSERVATIONS (1917)  HEADING    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock  Eliot, T. S.    Portrait of a Lady  Eliot, T. S.    Preludes  Eliot, T. S.    Rhapsody on a Windy Night  Eliot, T. S.    Morning at the Window  Eliot, T. S.    The Boston Evening Transcript  Eliot, T. S.    Aunt Helen  Eliot, T. S.    Cousin Nancy  Eliot, T. S.    Mr. Apollinax  Eliot, T. S.    Hysteria  Eliot, T. S.    Conversation Galante  Eliot, T. S.    La Figlia Che Piange  Eliot, T. S.    POEMS (1920)  HEADING    Gerontin  Eliot, T. S.    Burbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Cigar  Eliot, T. S.    Sweeney Erect  Eliot, T. S.    A Cookong Egg  Eliot, T. S.    Le Directeur  Eliot, T. S.    Melange Adultere de Tout  Eliot, T. S.    Lune de
 Miel  Eliot, T. S.    The Hippopotamus  Eliot, T. S.    Dans le Restaurant  Eliot, T. S.    Whispers of Immortality  Eliot, T. S.    Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service  Eliot, T. S.    Sweeney Among the Nightingales  Eliot, T. S.    The Waste Land  Eliot, T. S.    THE SACRED WOOD: ESSAYS ON POETRY AND CRITICISM  Eliot, T. S.    THE SACRED WOOD: ESSAYS ON POETRY AND CRITICISM  HEADING    Introduction  Eliot, T. S.    The Perfect Critic  Eliot, T. S.    Imperfect Critics  Eliot, T. S.    Tradition and the Individual Talent  Eliot, T. S.    The Possibility of a Poetic Drama  Eliot, T. S.    Euripides and Professor Murray  Eliot, T. S.    "Rhetoric: and Poetic Drama  Eliot, T. S.    Some Notes on the Blank Verse of Christopher Morlowe  Eliot, T. S.    Hamlet and His Problems  Eliot, T. S.    Ben Jonson  Eliot, T. S.    Philip Massinger  Eliot, T. S.    Swinburne as Poet  Eliot, T. S.    Blake  Eliot, T. S.    Dante  Eliot, T. S.    Andrew Marvell  Eliot, T. S.    John Dryden 
 Eliot, T. S.    The Metaphysical Poets  Eliot, T. S.    A NOTE ON THE TYPE: Horley Old Style  Editor/Publisher    JACKET BLURB  Houghton, R. L.    JACKET BLURB  Pound, Ezra    JACKET PHOTO  Getty, Hulton    DATES: MASTER LIST  DATE MASTER  

JOSEPH HILL <goodbooks at webtv.net> wrote:
  One important note on this series---
The printings are very very small in number.
I have seen, Charterhouse Of Parma in a 17th printing!!!
Also, I have sold title such as, T.S Eliot. Poems and have never ever seen a second copy
My best seller over the years has been, A Fan's Notes..


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