[ModLib] Buckram Binding Styles Date Distribution

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Fri Aug 17 20:58:17 EDT 2007

Some data from my extensive collection of 2 follows.  I also have the regular bindings of both of these, which I used for comparison.

Exhibit A) 357.1 Updike/Poorhouse Fair

The buckram is a B3(a) (regular is an 11).  List in back is of Giants sorted alpha, dates to Spring 1965.  The pages inside are identical to the regular (including title page, First Edition statement, Forward, etc).  The only difference is that the buckram HAS topstain and the regular DOES NOT.

Exhibit B) 267.1 Parkman/Oregon Trail

The buckram is a B1 (regular is a 10).  No list in back of either.  DJ on regular dates to Fall 1963.  The pages inside are identical except for the back of the title page.  In the regular binding there is the "Random House is the publisher..." statement inside the box with the house above it, such as is seen on 1940's through the 1950's.  The buckram has that statement below a vertical line, such as is seen in the 1960's.  Neither has topstain.

What I make of this, is that the buckram was printed after the regular one, and had an update to the reverse of the title page (that had not yet been done to the pages stuffed into the #10 binding).

End of research.


> B1   Spring 1959  + Fall 1963 - Spring 1967  (NO spring 1963)
> B2   Spring 1963  ONLY
> B3   Fall 1963   -  Spring 1965  (all mine are either Fall 1963 OR  
> Spring 1965 -- no other dates)

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