[ModLib] Confirmed Bindings

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 16:26:59 EDT 2007

To anyone wanting to help fill in the confirmed bindings web page:
  I just realized that I could copy the table from the web page by right-clicking and selecting "copy."  Then I  right-clicked again and chose "export to micrsoft excel."  This saved the table in excel.  I did this for both the regular and giant lists.
  Now I'll be able to print the lists, add my confirmations to the excel spread-sheet with X's instead of dots (so the new entries are easy to find), and e-mail the the modified spread-sheet back to Scot or Ron so one of them can add them to the website.  Its going to much faster to work with than I thought -MUCH FASTER!!!
  If you've been thinking about it, but thought it would be cumbersome to work from the website, give this a try!


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