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80's faux collectors,
  First, I'm curious how many of you collect 80's faux.  I might target questions to only those who do.  You can e-mail me at zebradlj at yahoo.com if you don't want to send a reply through the list server.
  Next, I mistakely said that my copy of Mitford stated Modern Library First 1982,  it only says Modern Library Edition 1982.  And Henry's price guide indicates that Mitford was introduced in 80's faux in 1979.
  This raises two interesting points.  First, this would make Mitford the first case I know of where there was (an apparent) content change within the 80's faux time period.  If she was included in 79 and has a new edition in 82 something changed.
  Secondly,  it raises my suspicions again that most titles in the 80's faux introduced in 77-80 were never re-done in the 80-85 redesigns even if they were reprinted during that time span.  The 82 Mitford is produced in the 77-80 design.
  Several months agoI brought up the possibilty that no title was ever done in both designs.  One person replied (I don't remember who) that he had one title (I don't recall which one) in both designs.  But I still suspect that most titles are either one or the other and not both.
  Any comments?

I,  Darrell Johnson <zebradlj at yahoo.com> wrote:
80's Faux Collectors,
  I was inputting some info into my database last night about my 80's Faux books and hit a real puzzle.  Henry's price guide indicates that from 1977-1980 the books had a blind stamp of the torch-bearer in the upper right hand corner of the cover (the stylized torch-bearer from the 67-68 and 69--70 spines), and the jackets were typographical.  From 80-85 they had a black printed logo in the center of the cover and wood-cut drawings on the jacket.
  My Mitford: Pursuit of Love/ Love in Cold Climate matches the 77-80 description, but it is clearly marked as a First Edition 1982!  That should mean that it would have a woodcut design on the jacket etc...
  Anyone have any idea what's up?  Is the break point a solid break point or did some new books get the new look, others kept the old?
  Thanks for any help,

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