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Murray/Carolyn Spector,
  Thanks for the info.  There were some there that helped - twe other responses beat you to the punch on several titles.  Thanks for responding.
  I'm curious why you think the series "died out."  Just like regular ML or giant ML Random House is changing the dust jackets.  But if you take all the dust jackets off and put them on the shelf together the books are indistinguishable.  Clearly, it is a continuing series.
  What this suggests to me though is that I might make a "sub-format" distinction in my database for 90's Hardbacks to distinguish between "traditional" jackets (1992-2000+) and "non-traditional jackets."  I'll have to ponder this though.  All other such distinctions are about the book and not the jacket.  So, doing so would make the classifications on style, format and subformat inconsistant.
  Maybe there is another way.  I do want the database to accomodate as many collectors' collecting habits as possible.

Murry/Carolyn Spector <candm at wavecable.com> wrote:
The 90's series gradually faded out in the 2000's, after going through 
at least four different styles of dj covers. The spines always had the 
picture of the author at the top, and later in the middle. ML still 
publishes books, and they still have the Bernhard design endpapers and 
the torchbearer logo at the bottom of the spine, but you could not 
really call them part of a series.
Of the books you listed, the following I could only find in paperback:

Antin, The Promised Land
Hugo, Toilers of the Sea
Dickens, Hard Times

The following are published by Modern Library, but are not part of the 

Angelou, 2004, Collected Autobiographies
Berendt, 2005, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Brando, 1994, Songs My Mother Taught Me
Memoirs of Catherine the Great, 2005
Hesse, 2006, Siddhartha
Jacobs, 2000, The Nature of Economies
Jefferson, 2005, Light and Liberty
Rilke, 2005, A Poets Guide to Life
Rimbaud, 2003, Rimbaud Complete Poetry and Prose
Welty, 2002, On Writing

The following could be considered "regular" MLs:

Trevor, 2001, Night at the Alexandra
Spender, 2001, World Within World
Rilke, 2001, Letters to a Young Poet
Liebling, 1995, Between Meals
Jackson, 2000, The Lottery
Didion, 2000, Slouching Toward Bethlehem
Barnes, 2000, Nightwood
Augustine, 1999, Confessions
Mitford, 1994, The Pursuit of Love

The following could be considered "Giants":

Augustine, 1994, Confessions
Chekhov, 2001, Three Plays
Christmas Classics from the Modern Library, 1997
Dumas, 1997, The Three Musketeers
Plimpton, 1999, Writer's Chapbook
Stegner, 2000, Angle of Repose
Vidal, 1998, 1876

Cant't find in any of my records:

The Baburana
Ross, Letter from the Editor

Hope this helps,

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