[ModLib] First Pass At "Quick Guide to Buckram Binding Styles of the 1960's" Is Up!

Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Thu Aug 16 19:15:20 EDT 2007


Inspired by the recent discussions about buckrams, and giving in to  
the constant pestering from that Ron Holl character, I've cobbled  
together a Web page showing the three (or four, depending) buckram  
regular-sized binding styles:


(I haven't optimized the large graphics yet, so it might take a bit  
of time to load -- I'll fix that soon.)

The bindings are real, as are the logos; the assertions I make are  
just that -- assertions that need to be tested against the larger  
community's collections.

I'm suggesting that Type B2 was only used for a season or two. So I  
need folks to check their collections for these Buckram versions of  
binding 10 spines -- look in the back for catalogs and see if you  
find a match for one of these:

Spring 1963 --  A giant catalog listing Medieval Epics but not  
O'Hara, 49 Stories or a regular catalog showing Hesse, Steppenwolf  
but not Ellison, Invisible Man

Fall 1963 -- A giant catalog will have O'Hara, 49 Stories but not  
Great Classical Myths; a regular one will show Ellison, Invisible Man  
but not Malamud, Two Novels for the Fall.

I list Giants first because my meagre two examples both have giants- 
only catalogs.

PLEASE -- your cooperation is essential here!!!


Scot Kamins
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