[ModLib] Confirmed Bindings: Anna Karenina

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Thu Aug 16 17:48:43 EDT 2007

> Agreed. There are a number of such unfortunate couplings in the  
> Confirmed Sightings table, stemming from original laziness on the  
> part of the Modernlib Webmaster. It will be changed as soon as folks  
> report which version(s) of the two 1965 Toles are out there.

Although Scot is kindly taking the blame, the original database intentionally did not take into account different revisions of titles.  It was bindings by title regardless of edition, because that is what interested the original author.  This is also why Toledano #'s don't show up (with the exception of Ibsen which was confounding me).  There are a couple others where the # would have helped.

I think we can salvage the existing data and break up some of the titles into different editions, if anyone finds value (interest) in that.


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