[ModLib] 80's Faux Break Point

Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 16 14:54:44 EDT 2007

  I was mining the confirmed bindings list for my database and I hit a problem at  Anna Karenina.  This title had some content changes in 1965.  That means Toledano 12 1967-1967 may have both versions printed in it.  It is also possible that it got buckramized in both versions.  To anyone tracking their collections to this level those differences are important.  I think the table needs to list titles with start and finish date ranges for content-different versions of the same titles.
  Any thoughts?
  p.s. Here's the current state of my possibles for Anna Karenina:  They are in reverse order of (possible) appearance.  Someone has reported the #11 1963-1967 but I can't tell which one it is.  (I haven't looked at confirmed buckrams yet to see if I have the same problem.)  And I am merely presuming that both 39-50 and post 50 Toledano 8's have been seen.
             Sub Format  tblSUB FORMAT_Start Date  tblSUB FORMAT_End Date  Confirmed      R3 HB Buckram 60-70 Approx.  1965  1970  No    R3 HB 69-70  t14  1969  1970  Yes    R3 HB 67-68  t13  1967  1968  Yes    R3 HB 67-67  t12  1967  1967  No    R3 HB 63-67  t11  1965  1967  No    R3 HB Buckram 60-70 Approx.  1960  1965  No    R3 HB 63-67  t11  1963  1965  No    R3 HB 63-63b  t10  1963  1963  No    R3 HB 63-63a  t9  1963  1963  No    R3 HB 39-63   t8  1950  1963  Yes    R3 HB 39-63  t8  1939  1950  Yes    R2 Balloon 31-39  t7  1931  1939  Yes    R2 Balloon 30-30  t6  1930  1930  Yes    R2 Balloon 29-30  t5  1930  1930  Yes  

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