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Binding Trivia Nuts,
  This list is only for the "confirmed sitings project."
  1967-1968 Stylized Torch Bearer on Spine, "ml" blind-stamped on cover.
                Austen  Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibilty    Faulkner  selected Short Stories    Swinburne  Poetry    Auchincloss  Rector of Justin    Bronte  Jane Eyre    Capote  In Cold Blood    Forster  Collected Tales    Forester    African Queen    Froissart  Chronicles    Hardy  Tess of the D'Urbervilles    Howells  Lapham    Jacobs  Death and Life of Cities    Joyce  Dubliners    Cerf  Great American Plays for Today       Four Contemporary French Plays       Four Contemporary French Plays    Seltzer  Best Russian Short Stories    O'Neill  Long Voyage Home    Renault  Bull From the Sea    Stowe  Uncle Tom's Cabin    Styron  Lie Down In Darkness

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