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Binding Trivia Nuts,
  The 1963-1967 list is the most complicated.  There are six sub-species that I found in my collection. Bar far the most frequent corresponds to the photo indications in Henry's Price Guide.  The torch-bearer has a long trailing arm on both the cover and the spine.  But the trailing arm can also be short (or bent), and all four combinations show up!  In addition, the flame on the torch (I belive on the spine) can either be rising strainght up, or it can be trailing back as if blown by a strong wind.  This variation only occurs with two of the four arm-length variations (at least in my collection), so there ends up being 6 sub-species.  First sub-species- Long Arm Cover, Long Arm Spine, Smoke trailing backward:
                Byron  Don Juan    Auden  Poetry    Browning  Poetry    Buonarti, Michaelangelo  Poetry    Camus  The Fall    Capote  Selected Writings    Cicero  Basic Works    Dewey  Education    Genet  Our Lady of the Flowers    Tolstoy  Short Novels Volume Two    Powers  Morte D'Urban    Sartre  Age of Reason    Euripides  III    Faulkner  Absolom, Absolom    Faulkner  Absolom, Absolom    Faulkner  Go Down Moses    Faulkner  Intruder In the Dust    Faulkner  Sound and Fury    George  Progress and Poverty    Gogol  Dead Souls    Hamilton  Greek Way    Johnson  Reader    Jefferson  Writings    Kafka  Trial    Kant   Critique of Pure Reason    Mann  Confessions of Felix Krull    Mann  Doctor Faustus    Starkie  Eight Spanish Plays    Godolphin  Latin Poets    Shapiro  Hellenistic Philosophy    Nash  Versus from 1929 On    Pope  Selected Writings    Proust  Within a Budding Grove    Roth  Goodbye Columbus    Saki (Munroe)  Short Stories    Shakespeare 3  Tragedies Vol. II  
  Shaw  Saint Joan    Spark  Momento Mori    Styron  Lie Die in Darkness    Tolstoy  Short Stories    Tolstoy  Selected Essays    Tolstoy  Short Novels Volume     Tolstoy  Short Novels Volume Two    Zimmern  Grreek Commonwealth    Wharton  Age of Innnocence    Wiedeman  I Can Get It for You Wholesale
  Second sub-species:  Long Arm on Spine, Short Arm on Cover, Smoke trailing back:
                Starkie  Eight Spanish Plays    O'Niell  Ah, Wilderness
  Third sub-species: Short Arm on Spine, Long Arm on Cover, Smoke trailing back:
                Kaufmann  Twenty German Poets    Duckworth  Roman Comedies    Ellison  Invisible Man    Duckworth  Roman Comedies
  Fourth sub-species:  Short Arm on Spine, Short Arm on Cover, Smoke trailing back:
                Camus  Resistance    Hume  Philosophy
  Fifth: Short Arm on Spine, Long Arm on Cover, Smoke/flame rising up:
                Faulkner  Selected Short Stories    Descartes  Writings    Kierkegaard  Anthology
  and Sixth: Short Arm on Spine, Long Arm on Cover, Smoke/Flame rising up:
                Rousseau  Confessions    Balzac  Cousin Bette    Camus  The Plague    Hellman  Six Plays

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