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Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 11:11:40 EDT 2007

Binding Trivia Nuts,
  Here is a list of my Toledano #10 bindings.  There are two variations.  
  Both have Hexagonal blind-stamped logos on the cover.  But if you look at the trailing arm of the torch bearer you will see both a bent (or short) arm and long arm versions of the torch-bearer.  This only occurs on either the cover or the spine, and at the moment I can't reacll which one.  Here's my list:
                  Toledano 10 Binding  1963-1963b Hex Blind Stamped Cover     Arm  Length
        Bent or Short Armed   Long  Short       Torch-Bearer on Spine          Author/Editor  Title          Polo  Travels     x    Faulkner  Absolom, Absolom  x       Lawrence  Rainbow  x       Pater  Renaissance  x       Howells  Rise of Silas Lapham  x       Doestoyevsky  Best Short Stories  x       Dickensen  Poems     x    Hart, Moss  Act One  x       Harte, Brett  Short Stories  x       Joyce  Dubliners  x       Cerf  Great Modern Short Stories     x    Montaigne  Selected Essays     x    Shakespeare 6  Histories  x       Zola  Nana  x   


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