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Darrell Johnson zebradlj at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 10:50:58 EDT 2007

Binding Trivia Nuts,
  I did my homework last night and I have a list of my #9 bindings, which I will list in this post.  But I also have lists for the rest of 60's regulars and these lists forbode alot work, surmising checking and rechecking.  I have foud SEVEN morestyles in 60's than listed in Henry's guide!  I have two types of #10, SIX types of #11 and two types of #12.  Descriptions of the variants will come with the individual postings for each Toledano binding style.
                Toledano 9 Binding  1963-1963a Oval Blind Stamped Cover       , Bent or Short Armed        Torch-Bearer on Cover    Author/Editor  Title    Renault  Last of the Wine    Warren  All the King's Men    Gide  Counterfeiters    Gide  Counterfeiters    Goldsmith  Vicar of Wakefield    Hesse  Steppenwolf    Proust  The Captive    Sartre  Age of Reason    Sartre  Age of Reason
  I see this one barely fits.  I'll probably have to figure out how to reformat most of the rest before I can send them.
Ron Holl <modlib at alltel.net> wrote:
   I am interested in how many titles were printed in #9 format. I still only have 1.

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