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Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Mon Aug 13 13:17:32 EDT 2007

MLML'rs (Modern Library Mailing List Members),

In putting John Wolansky's requests for added 1st points info in  
BookNotes into practice, I ran into a design problem.  There are now  
upwards of 15 (!) pieces of info possible for each BookNote. It's  
getting unwieldy. But all of the info is vital, depending on the  
focus of your collection.

I've come up with a slight redesign that I think works. It uses color  
and lines to divide up each booknote into areas -- general comments,  
1st edition points, serial points (all DJ types, all binding types,  
etc.), content points.

Here's an example based on Michelangelo's Complete Poems & Selected  
Letters. (I'll post another example later.)


Depending on your collecting focus, you can immediately look to the  
color group of info you need while ignoring the rest.


Scot Kamins
"I hate writing; I love having written." --  Dorothy Parker

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