[ModLib] While we're collecting Buckram info...

John Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Sun Aug 12 15:21:31 EDT 2007

None of my regular buckrams are of the taller size, although I have a half
dozen of the Vintage buckrams that are of the taller size.

Here is an observation on the buckram giants.  There are two style
torchbearers, one with the arm pointing down and the other with the arm
pointing away from the body.  On some of my giants, the arm facing down is
on the spine and in some cases it is on the front, and the arm facing back
is on the other surface.

I am guessing ML supplied the dyes to the binder without directions as to
use which where.

John Wolansky

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(... and anybody who is offended by such arcane discussion should  
turn his channel now..)

... does anybody have a buckram in the TALL (1969-1970) format?

Does anybody have a buckram WITHOUT topstain?

Scot Kamins

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