[ModLib] Buckram Bindings

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Sat Aug 11 20:05:57 EDT 2007

Thanks for the image, John.

That puny one is the 'vertical flame', I believe.  Besides the flame, the fore leg of the runner is almost vertical.  The 'horizontal' flame is much more common, and appears on both #11 and #12 bindings.  I have 33 #11's and 8 #12's, and they are all horizontal flames.  I thought for sure I had at least one with the vertical flame, but I can't find one now.

That vertical flame torchbearer first showed up (as best as I can tell) on some dust jacket spines in the early 1960's (with #8 bindings).  The only one on a regular binding spine that I know of right now is the one referenced by John on the #11 in the guide (pg. 79; the #11 on pg. 28 is horizontal).

My guess is that the vertical flame showed up for a very short period of time on the #11's?  (And at least one buckram!)


> Ron Holl wrote: "Brian's images below.  Note the #9/10 buckram spine."  The 
> runner on the Ogden Nash in Brian's first picture looks more like the #12 to 
> me.  Puny flame instead of long flame.  This title didn't come out until 
> '64.

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