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Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Fri Aug 10 14:16:00 EDT 2007

> > Further, would it be helpful to include the first dj type on the  
> > first pointer page?  I also have two copies that meet the other  
> > pointers on your site, (eg includes Capote), but they have an l  
> > jacket.  My copies with the Fall, 1964 list have k jackets
> I like the idea of including he DJ back style. Adding the price on  
> the DJ flap is also important, I think, for the post-1963 issues.

This has been requested and discussed multiple times.  Most recently on July 2, 2007:

From: 	Scot Kamins <kamins at modernlib.com> Add Address
Date: 	2007/07/02 Mon PM 02:04:32 EDT
To: 	For collectors of Modern Library books <modlib at owu.edu>
Subject: 	Re: [ModLib] More First Edition Points Needed For Many Titles


In sum, here are some first edition points (some mentioned above,  
some not, with questions) that might be added to BookNotes for many  

* DJ back -- Is this generally a reliable indicator, based on the  
dates of use as noted in ModernLib, especially for post-1963 issues  
that had no "available titles" count at the top of the DJ inverse?

* Price on DJ flap -- Some DJ flaps don't show prices. Are there any  
firsts that lack the price?

* ISBN numbers -- Can the presence of these be used as a negative  
indicator (no first DJs had ISBN numbers) as a search of the mailing  
list archives seems to indicate?

* Presence or absence of back-of-book catalog?

* Dating key -- Especially useful for books in the 1963 - 1967 time  
frame, after "available titles" count disappeared from DJ inverses  
and while back-of-book catalogs were still being updated?

What do others think?


At least one response came back in the affirmative.  Each time this comes up, I like to note that 342.1 (Ah! Wilderness) requires this information, as does 359.1 (Complete...Letters/Michelangelo).  (Sorry Joe, parenthetical title names were provided for the benefit of the casual ML collector.)

> ATTN RON HOLL: The question is, have we collected sufficiently  
> accurate information in recent projects to know the first DJ back style?

Yes, in most cases.  As is usually the case new findings can and do update existing information.


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