Concerning Missing Dust Jackets in ModernLib

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I have a B&L printing of Davidson's Poems in a spring 1926 jacket, but the jacket is in 3 pieces and the lower right third of the front panel text is missing.  I'm afraid even you couldn't reconstruct it.

I've never seen a jacketed copy of Gourmont's Virgin Heart.

I've seen jacketed copies of the others, but they're held by collectors who aren't part of the community.

Has ANYONE ever seen A Virgin Heart in dust jacket???


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>Subject: Concerning Missing Dust Jackets in ModernLib  
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>Over the weekend I went through the database and updated the table of  
>allegedly missing DJ images:
>A check shows that there are about 120 titles most certainly missing.  
>But as I've been finding new DJs, I've noticed that about half of  
>them were NOT in this table. So I guess it's fair to guess that we're  
>probably missing 200 images.
>There are several titles for which we have no image whatever:
>Davidson's Poems
>Gourmont's Virgin Heart
>Howells' Hazard of New Fortunes
>Misc Contemporary Science
>Wells' War in the Air
>Of course, it would be great to have any of the images on this page,  
>But it would be fantastic to have these five.
>So - how about it, folks? Fire up those scanners!!!
>Scot Kamins
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