Concerning Missing Dust Jackets in ModernLib

Scot Kamins kamins at
Tue Sep 19 20:06:56 EDT 2006


Over the weekend I went through the database and updated the table of  
allegedly missing DJ images:

A check shows that there are about 120 titles most certainly missing.  
But as I've been finding new DJs, I've noticed that about half of  
them were NOT in this table. So I guess it's fair to guess that we're  
probably missing 200 images.

There are several titles for which we have no image whatever:

Davidson's Poems
Gourmont's Virgin Heart
Howells' Hazard of New Fortunes
Misc Contemporary Science
Wells' War in the Air

Of course, it would be great to have any of the images on this page,  
But it would be fantastic to have these five.

So - how about it, folks? Fire up those scanners!!!

Scot Kamins
Don't believe everything that you think.

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