Type #14 bindings

jpetersonlhi at verizon.net jpetersonlhi at verizon.net
Tue Sep 12 18:13:00 EDT 2006

Gordon, thanks for the info!  
You wrote: "From what you say it sounds like your copy in the taller format has a #12 spine."

Yes, exactly.

"It would be helpful to know if there was a 1967 printing in a #12 binding."  

There was.  I have a copy of that, as well.  The tall one is in brown cloth, and the short one is green, otherwise they are the same.  

You also asked: "Does your copy of the taller format look like an early or later printing? Some later printings in the taller format have plain endpapers instead of the Fujita endpaper and poor quality paper."

Mine is a later printing, I think; while the paper is of comparatively good quality, the endpapers are plain, and the DJ has an ISBN number.
"It's also possible that a #12 spine die was used for a later printing in the taller format by mistake or because the #14 die had been broken or misplaced."

Based on your description of your #14, this seems to be a possible explanation, rather than that the #14 die wasn't ready yet. 

Thanks again,

John P.

John D. Peterson

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