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Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Tue Oct 31 14:00:25 EST 2006

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> From: "Benjamin Clark" <bclark at okhistory.org>
> Date: October 31, 2006 6:41:19 AM PST
> To: kamins at modernlib.com
> Subject: New British DJ
>    Found a Hamish Hamilton imprint Jane Eyre in DJ!  Jane is No.17  
> according to the spine and title list on the back of the dj.  Verso  
> of dj is blank.  Dust jacket looks the same as the others, but has  
> a 21 title list.  There are several differences between this 21  
> title list and the 26 title list on the Moby Dick on Modernlib.   
> Green type 7 binding w/ green top stain.  Has an Oxford  
> bookseller’s stamp on the inside front cover.  Title page is the  
> same brown ink, tipped in as the other HH editions.  There is still  
> no sign of Wisdom of Confucius on any list I’ve found.  (I have a  
> Hamish Hamilton imprint Wisdom, no dj).  If these photos are too  
> angled I’ll try to get some better ones out to you.  Since I’m at  
> work, please feel free to pass along info to the list; I don’t have  
> the email address for it.

I tossed up Benj's images for later better treatment:


Scot Kamins
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