The Haunted Bookshop

Ron Holl modlib at
Wed Oct 18 12:58:19 EDT 2006

Thanks, Joe, for pointing me at The Haunted Bookshop.  Indeed, ML should have included it with Parnassus.

I just finished it, and thought it was great.  In fact, it was not anything like I expected!  I think it is best described in the following ML equation:

Haunted Bookshop = Parnassus on Wheels + Maltese Falcon

I give both books about an equal rating, with a slight lean toward Parnassus.

Bill Di.: You'll be gratified to know there are plenty of Conrad advertisements in the Haunted Bookshop.


> I could never understand why the ML did not issue Parnassus On Wheels  and The Haunted Bookshop as a single volume, as it is one novel. In 1955, The Book Of The Month Cllub issued a double book dividend of both titles; Morley's story of a book world, long gone and never to return again. 

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