Odd jump in catalog style

Scot Kamins kamins at ModernLib.com
Mon Oct 9 18:35:47 EDT 2006

On Oct 9, 2006, at 3:20 PM, Contaflex at aol.com wrote:

> Dear Scott,
> I actually don't have a scanner at present. Got a new computer this  
> year, and the old scanner can’t interface with it. When I do get  
> one, maybe I will sit down and scan all these in. Til then, I may  
> be able to answer questions as to the varying designs, etc.

Perfectly understandable. I ALWAYS have trouble connecting old  
peripherals to new computers; it's incredibly annoying.

And thanks for volunteering to be an info source on this stuff!

Scot Kamins
"He not busy being born is busy dying." -- Bob Dylan

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