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The copy that I have is in the type k dust jacket which would place it in 1966, price clipped,with the Nobel wording at the bottom. The book is however, spine 13 with plain endpapers. Scott

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> I picked up a nice cache of ML's this weekend, including a copy of the above 
> referenced book. As I inventoried the book and compared it to my collection 
> copy, I noticed a slight difference in the jacket. The copy pictured on 
> Scott's site has the statement "Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 
> 1950" at the bottom of the jacket. The copy I just bought has it at the 
> top. I sent Scott a scan today. 
> Looking further, I discovered my new copy, with an initial price of $2.45, 
> has no lists at the end of the book. My two other copies have lists at the 
> end with G95 being the highest, dating it to fall 1966. I recollect some 
> commentary regarding all books after a certain date containing lists at the 
> end of the book. Is it possible my new copy is the true first, and my other 
> two copies are reprints? Or the reverse? Mr. Neavill, thoughts, please. 
> John Wolansky 
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