Odd jump in catalog style

Contaflex at aol.com Contaflex at aol.com
Mon Oct 9 14:13:11 EDT 2006

Dear Scott,
I have a pretty comprehensive set of these catalogs from the mid-twenties 
through the sixties. 
I can't tell you why they changed catalog styles for a few issues, and then 
went back to an older style. But I can fill in some of the gaps you mention:

Fall 1956 - Solid color ( Similar to Spring 56)
Spring 57 - Horizontal Rules (Shown on your webpage)
Fall 57 - Design shown on your webpage
Spring 58 - Similar to Fall 57
Fall 58 - Horizontal Rules (Similar to Spring 57)
Spring 59 - Horizontal Rules (Similar to Spring 57)

Take care,
Guilbert Gates
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