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Mark, et al,

Haven't had the time/motivation/smarts/moxie/whatever to e-mail 
him/her/them. There are two issues with the Amenities site, mainly on 
the hosting end of things.

#1 - The domain record is screwed up.
The amenities site never resolves to its domain name in the browser 
and always resolves to its IP. It should function fine like this, but 
it's bad for marketing and PR: make it display the domain name, 
'cause that's what people will remember.

#2 - Perl is probably overused on the box
Amenities is not invoked by requesting an HTML document that's 
displayed in your browser, it's invoked by requesting a Perl script 
that calls one or more documents and sends them to your browser. 
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The fact that it does 
work indicates that the Perl script is probably ok. Since it 
sometimes doesn't work (or at least doesn't work faster than the 
timeout value of my browser), my guess is that Amenities is on a 
shared server where another user is running something that's 
monopolizing the Perl interpreter so it can't serve the Amenities 
docs in a timely manner.


#3 - Perl is not running as mod_perl
Perl needs to run as mod_perl so that it runs as a single process. 
Faster for everyone on the box. It might be running as plain old Perl 
and spawing a new process every time a doc is requested.

I'd appreciate it if someone could forward this to the Amenities 
owner or master.

Best regards. -Michael Watson

At 04:56 PM 11/29/2006, you wrote:

>Just wondering if anyone else is having a problem accessing the 
>Amenities site.  Whether I type it in directly or use a link from 
>, I can't seem to access it.  Mark Braley
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>Just an aside.
>Out of curiosity, checked out the new It's a very very
>nicely done small retail site. Doesn't have anything to do with
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>Subject: NEED CONFIRMATION re. 1st status of Rostand's Cyrano
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>We still need someone with a first of Rostand's Cyrano to verify the
>date. The correct count is 150 titles. Ron suggests that it should be
>1928. The Dating Key says:
>1928  Spring will have Dumas, Three Musketeers but not Apuleius,
>Golden Ass
>       Fall will have Apuleius, Golden Ass but not Dostoyevsky,
>Brothers Karamazov
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