NEED CONFIRMATION re. 1st status of Rostand's

Ron Holl modlib at
Wed Nov 29 22:35:40 EST 2006

Thanks for clearing that up.  The proposal for the date change will be removed.

Since this Cyrano has a Spring 1928 listing inside, does an early printing theory still hold?  Also, does the indication of 158 titles on the back provide any clues?


> I've just got home after teaching an evening class and can now check my bibliography. Cyrano was published in spring 1929. It was scheduled for publication in March but isn't listed in Publishers' Weekly "Weekly Record" until the April 29 issue. My copy of the first printing has a uniform typographic jacket with a spring 1929 list.
> This doesn't preclude a fall 1928 pictorial jacket. Titles published in January usually had jackets with lists from the previous fall. I expect the Modern Library "ganged" plates for several pictorial jackets and printed them together to reduce printing costs. With Cyrano scheduled for spring publication, pictorial jackets could have been printed several months in advance, in which case it would have had a fall 1928 list.

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