Gift Sets

Ron Holl modlib at
Wed Nov 29 20:41:10 EST 2006

In reviewing the gift set descripions (thanks to Cyrano) I noticed that we don't have a list of titles (nor links to images in the database, nor images of the gift boxes) for the 1926 gift sets.

>From ModernLib:

"Modern Library created gift sets starting very early in the Cerf/Klopfer period. There were ten gift sets in 1926. Each had five titles, all in the standard dust jackets and bindings of the period but in gift boxes that distinguished them.

But the Christmas seasons of 1928 and 1929 saw some innovations - sets of three titles in special dust jackets (and in the case of 1928 in special bindings), all in gift boxes."

The 1928 and 1929 sets are all described, but nothing for 1926.  Does anyone know what titles were included in these sets?

My guess is that Alice is one of those.  It is the first dj that I ever saw with a duplicate number on the spine and the spine text printed sideways.  And it isn't in the later gift sets that Scot has listed.


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