Earliest pictorial jackets II

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Tue Nov 28 22:21:05 EST 2006

What makes you think 1929 is correct?  The Guide says 1929, but that may have been based on an incorrect first DJ of 159 titles.  It is now claimed to be 150 for the first, which would put it in 1928.  This jacket has 158 and is not a first (although oddly with the Spring 1928 titles).

I also notice several 1929 first dj's listed as 150+.

Well, maybe 1929 is correct, but 1928 would explain this jacket.  Also of note, the jacket on this Cyrano is purple (both inside and outside).

Does anyone have the Cyrano first?


> I disagree. The DJ has a "false" back to it. My understanding is that  
> the book was first published in 1929, not 1928. The dates listed in  
> the Guide are based on publication dates of books, not of dust jackets.

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