Earliest pictorial jackets II

Ron Holl modlib at alltel.net
Tue Nov 28 20:42:32 EST 2006


That all makes sense.  I think part of the confusion is that the guide update page at ModernLib only updated the Dj1st column (from 159 to 150), and not the Dates column (from 29 to 28) for this title.  Thus, we don't actually have a jacket created in 1928 for a 1929 title mystery.

Thus, I propose that the following update be made to the Guide:

Dates column:

64   16 down, 154.1   29-70    28-70

It will reside on the proposed guide update page at Amenities until accepted by the ModernLib web site.


> The reason alternative pictorial jackets often have lists that are earlier than the ML books inside them is that they weren't the standard (typographic) jackets for these titles. <snip> The jacket stocks clearly lasted several years in cases such as O'Neill's Emperor Jones & The Straw, where I have a fall 1930 printing in a spring 1928 pictorial jacket.

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