Earliest pictorial jackets II

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Tue Nov 28 07:53:44 EST 2006

The reason alternative pictorial jackets often have lists that are earlier than the ML books inside them is that they weren't the standard (typographic) jackets for these titles. As I indicated in my earlier posting, they were created so that booksellers could gain additional sales by displaying books with pictorial jackets separately from regular ML books. The ML must have printed a supply of these jackets and made them available to booksellers on request, and the traveling sales reps probably carried some with them when they called on bookstores to encourage additional sales. The jacket stocks clearly lasted several years in cases such as O'Neill's Emperor Jones & The Straw, where I have a fall 1930 printing in a spring 1928 pictorial jacket.

The fact that books in these jackets were intended for display separately from regular ML books probably accounts for the curious lack of the ML number on the spine of the O'Neill jacket. This seems to be the only alternative pictorial jacket identified so far that lacks a number on the spine.

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