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It also got onto my 1st copy (on the copyright page, anyway) of The Emperor
Jones & the Straw by O'Neill.  Vertical text on spine, NO NUMBER on spine,
150 titles noted, and payment choices presented horizontally in the payment
box.  One copy of Cellini, 3.2, I have is the same jacket configuration but
for the number 3 twice on the spine.  This is a Keratol gift set copy.

Actually, in addition to the gift set jackets noted, I believe there is
another variation, a hybrid gift set/d jacket or an early d jacket, sans
colored bands.  I have a copy of Casanova, 165.1 with the d jacket
configuration on the back (payment options vertical on the right and just
one paragraph), 159 titles noted, vertical title and two numbers on spine,
but no colored bands.  See the jacket noted as 1929 in Scott's database.  I
also have copies of Cellini, 3.2, Nana, 142.1 in the exact same

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This format was used on original printings of Renaissance Romances gift box
jackets. I don't know how it got onto the Cyrano!


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>I found an unusual dj back on a Cyrano (154.1) with the early dj front
(picture in a box on the front, horizontal text on the spine, double book
number on the spine).
>The inside of the dj points to Spring 1928 based on the dating key.
(although I will double check this).  The back indicates 158 titles.
>An image is available at:
>Any comments?  Clearly, this needs a dj indicator type enumeration code.
Scot has found it interesting and does not recall having seen it before.
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