Strange late 1920's DJ

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Mon Nov 27 17:22:08 EST 2006

On Nov 27, 2006, at 2:10 PM, Gordon Neavill wrote:

> This format was used on original printings of Renaissance Romances  
> gift box jackets. I don't know how it got onto the Cyrano!

I find it interesting that Cyrano was a Spring 1929 title in a  
transitional binding with a 150-title dust jacket. So here's a DJ  
with 158 titles but whose titles point to Spring 1928.

Something seems to be amiss someplace!!!

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>> Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 16:46:04 -0500
>> From: Ron Holl <modlib at>
>> Subject: Strange late 1920's DJ
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>> I found an unusual dj back on a Cyrano (154.1) with the early dj  
>> front (picture in a box on the front, horizontal text on the  
>> spine, double book number on the spine).
>> The inside of the dj points to Spring 1928 based on the dating  
>> key.  (although I will double check this).  The back indicates 158  
>> titles.
>> An image is available at:
>> Any comments?  Clearly, this needs a dj indicator type enumeration  
>> code.  Scot has found it interesting and does not recall having  
>> seen it before.

- Scot Kamins
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