Giant end papers?

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I just checked my collection, which (like the bibliography) is arranged chronologically by first printing of each title. 

The end papers in question were used from fall 1947 through spring 1950. The first Giant to use the end paper was G72 Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural; the last was G74 St. Augustine's City of God. First printings of Giants before and after these had plain end papers. As far as I'm aware all Giant titles bound during this period had the decorated end paper.


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>In the ListServ thread  "ML End Paper Trivia Question" dated Fri, 8  
>Jul 2005. Barry says "There was a period around 1948-1950 or so when  
>Giants had endpapers designed especially for the Giants format."
>(See )
>The Guide suggests 1945-1963 for this design.
>I'm trying to ascertain the correct date range for these decorated  
>end papers for a ModernLib article I'm putting together on end  
>papers. Does anybody have this design in a giant OUTSIDE of the range  
>And yes, most end papers for giants are blank (not including Musa  
>Dagh, GGreat Ages and Ideas of the Jewish People, and Twain).
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